Bridging a New Generation of Consumer Opportunities

21st century China’s Consumer Market

Super Platforms

Super Platforms, such as Alibaba and JD, are collectively forming the Chinese “highway” of retail, providing most efficient ways to deliver products to consumers. These super platforms are fertile ground for the next generation of national direct-to-consumer brands.

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Consumers in China

China is home to multiple tiers of cities and incomes, and a kaleidoscope of unique individuals, different generation, and distinct groups. This singularity of the Chinese market makes it extremely complex and dynamic. Indeed, Chinese consumers are unlike any others.

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Better Living

Along with the growing dominance of smartphones and new media platforms, such as TikTok and Kwai, Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated buyers, motivated by a strong desire to buy what can make their lives better. 

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Our Philosophy


GenBridge Capital is anchored in the world’s largest consumer market—China—and focuses on identifying new opportunities in a rapidly evolving industry landscape from which the next generation of brands, retailing and services formats, and supporting infrastructure constantly emerge.

Data-driven and consumer-oriented

New business models are disrupting the consumer industry, with exclusively online or offline sales and media channels increasingly giving way to the omnichannel format. This trend has made every consumer decision tracible through data. Meanwhile, GenBridge teams are forging a deeper understanding of consumers’ emerging needs.

No Value Add, no Investment  

GenBridge is dedicated to bridging new opportunities; we leverage the powerful resources at our disposal in the GenBridge ecosystem to create value for our portfolio companies, and empower the next generation of consumer winners.  GenBridge does not merely invest in companies, we help them thrive.

About Founders

Robert Chang

Robert founded GenBridge Capital in 2016, and serves as its Managing Director. He was also the Vice President of Strategy and Investment at Group. Previously, Robert was a Vice President at Capital Today.

Victor Zhang

Victor is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of GenBridge Capital. Previously, he served as the deputy general manager of the investment and strategy department Group, and was a founding member of China International Capital Corporation’s (CICC) Alpha Fund.